Wednesday, 7 October 2015

REN Light Medium BB Cream - Review

A little while ago my mum gave me this product to try.

As someone who isn't normally a fan of foundation and makeup,  however I am 100% converted to BB creams, assuming that others are as good as this one. This is so far the only BB cream I have tried and I think its amazing.

When you squirt this out of the bottle it is quite dark orange and my instant thoughts are that I'm going to end up looking like Donatella Versace, however although it comes out dark, it's a totally different colour on my skin. It is so clever, it would seem that it adjusts to match my skin tone somehow. I suppose it's just a diluted version of a foundation? whatever the formulation one thing I'm sure of is that it works for me.

The coverage is great, it looks really smooth and natural and isn't like a mask sitting on top of my skin.

Another positive is that it's light, like a moisturiser, it allows my skin to breathe.

The price tag is £28 for 50ml, which seems fairly expensive, however this product does go a long way and for the final result it's definitely worth it.

I would really love to try some more products from this company.

What have you tried? please share your experiences below, maybe you have tried a different REN product? or maybe a BB cream from another brand? Whatever it is I would love to hear from you.

Cookie x


  1. I have tried the dermav10 bb cream which only costs £1 but it comes out looking orange which has put me off. But I also have the seventeen bb balm which I love.

    1. I am definitely going to try some more to see if there is a cheaper alternative. Tried a Garnier one in my hand in super drug the other day but it looked really chalky and powdery. X