Friday, 9 October 2015

Rimmel London Eye Makeup Review

I bought these Rimmel London products in boots a few weeks ago, there was a 2 for £10 offer.

Rimmel Scandaleyes waterproof gel liner £6.99

This is well pigmented and it lasts all day. It was a really bold black and applied correctly it looked great. I didn't find it that easy to apply unfortunately. The first application was plain sailing and then the next time I found it impossible to get the right amount of product on the brush. This is the 1st pot of eyeliner I have purchased so at this moment I don't have another brand to compare it to, however I have used pen eyeliners which I found easier to control line thickness, etc. One thing that I will say is that pen eyeliners are very portable, with this it's not practical to have it loose in your bag so it would seem you need to carry it in it's box.

Rimmel London eyeshadow palette £6.99

I liked the contrast of colours in this palette and I thought it would be ideal to create a smoky effect. Although I do like this palette the colours aren't as they seem, they are quite shimmery and look very different on my skin to in the pan.

All in all, these were bargain beauty buys however the old saying about getting what you paid for does ring true here as I can say that whilst I liked these I know there are better products out there and so the search continues.

Cookie x 

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