Saturday, 10 October 2015

Review Items - 10 October 2015

1. Herpatch Coldsore Serum, £7.99 Boots. I applied to try this through bloggers required by using the following link - Sign up here

It is asked that the product can be reviewed within 2 weeks of receipt, whilst I may not get a coldsore in that time I will test the product out to see what it does.


2. Flint+Flint - SPF Hand Hero £24 for 75ml, can be purchased here

This smells really gorgeous and I could smell it before opening the bottle, I can't wait to try this. I am going to have this at my desk and use it as my primary hand cream for now.

3. Healthy Food Brands sent me some baking goodies and some recipes in order for me to test and review. 

I said that I was a homebaker and this company kindly sent me baking products, however they are all fairly similar, whereas I know that the range consists of other more mainstream baking ingredients such as golden syrup and flavoured essences, etc. 

Luckily I was also sent a recipe sheet, because malt doesn't usually feature in my baking so I am looking forward to leaving my comfort zone and trying something new.

4. Pevonia kindly sent me their winter relaxation gift box to review. This retails at £30 and can be purchased here.

This brand is very luxurious and specializes in creating that spa vibe at home. This kit is an ideal way of spending some 'me' time and generally de-stressing.

5. InstaNatural Retinol Moisturiser and Serum with 2.5% Retinol

I have tried quite a few products from this company and so far so good, as such I am expecting more great things from these guys.

I am looking forward to giving all of these things a try, so please keep checking back for my upcoming reviews!

Cookie x 

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