Monday, 12 October 2015

Korres Lip Care Products - Review

My last Korres review was about shower gels and body milks and as promised here is the next instalment, this time lip care products.

I was very lucky to be sent these 2 gorgeous lip care products which are both fantastic in different ways.

Korres Mandarin Lip Butter Stick with SPF 15, £8 for 15ml -can be purchased here

This is a great lip balm type product, it's super important to wear SPF factor all year round because although there isn't a great deal of sun you are still exposed to potentially harmful amounts of UV rays each day.

I am quite addicted and have got almost halfway through the stick in a short space of time. This makes my lips feel really moisturised and conditioned, I think this is down to the shea butter, sunflower wax and mandarin oil that are key ingredients in this item.

I'm not a fan of anything orange scented, so when I saw this was mandarin I wasn't sure what I'd think, however it smells really lovely and not like the synthetic orange scent that I am not fond of.

The only  drawback I would say here is that although the stick appears to be a lovely rich colour it is pretty much colourless when it's applied to my lips, perhaps the other colours are more pigmented, I am unsure, however this wont discourage me from using this product because the benefits outweigh that little detail for me.

Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter £8 for 6g - this can be purchased here

One of the active ingredients is pomegranate extract which contains vitamins A, C and E giving it antioxidant properties.

This pomegranate lip butter was an ideal addition to my handbag. It's essentially a lip gloss in a pot, the colour is really lovely and it's not sticky like your standard lip glosses. It smells really pleasant and feels great, I do reapply this one quite a bit as the colour doesn't last for ages but with little top ups here and there throughout the day its great. Its opaque and leaves your lips looking juicy with a great shine.

I hope you liked my review, I would definitely recommend this brand for great natural products which use fantastic ingredients and all seem to have some antioxidant and or other positive properties.

Please join me next Monday @ 12:00 UK time for my final  Korres review.

Cookie x

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