Monday, 5 October 2015

Korres Showergels and Body Milks - Review

I was delighted to return home from my holiday to a wonderful parcel from Korres, a Greek cosmetics company with roots in Athens first Homeopathic Pharmacy.

The company prides itself on their use of herbs and science in their natural yet effective products. They are also an ethical and 'green' company, for more information and for their story please visit here.

Upon approaching Korres I had tried just one of their products, the Mint Tea Shower gel which smells sensational and can be purchased on I noticed that Korres have such a diverse range of products aside from shower gels and I just knew I had to try them.

I'd like to thank Angela for her assistance throughout, she has been so helpful and has sent me review items that are so relevant to my needs and are items that I would use day to day.

I was sent Showergels, Body Milks, Facial creams and treatments, and also lip products to try.

For this review I will focus on the Shower gels and Body Milks that I have been sent to review. 

The next review will relate to the lip products, and finally I will focus on the skincare items as I would like a little longer to get a feel for these so I can share as much detail with you as possible.

Waterlily Shower gel (£8 for 250ml) and Waterlily body milk (£10 for 200ml)

I wasn't sure what I would think of this as I have never smelled waterlily so had no idea what scent to expect. I wasn't disappointed, It's a fresh scent yet still fairly light. The shower gel wasn't harsh and made me feel clean without stripping my skin.

Both of the shower gels that I tried contain wheat proteins which are said to form a protective film on the skin, helping to maintain a regular hydration level.

The body milk was a great addition to my after shower routine. It's been a long while since I moisturised post shower as I am usually in a rush and don't have the time to wait for it to soak in. I was really surprised as it took next to no time to soak into my skin so I will definitely keep this routine up.  

Fig Shower gel (£8 for 250ml) and Waterlily body milk (£10 for 200ml)
This shower gel and body milk combination was made for me, I love big, bold scents and these products offered exactly that. The shower gel has a super fresh scent and left me feeling awakened and invigorated. The scent was quickly embedded into my skin and left it smelling gorgeous for ages.

Again the body milk is luscious and is something that I will be making a permanent fixture in my bathroom buys!

The body milks also contain some great ingredients such as Active Aloe, B5 and Shea Butter which helps to provide long lasting hydration whilst also enhancing the skins suppleness.

I have absolutely loved trying these products and it doesn't stop there as Korres have so many more sensational sounding scents to try such as; Basil Lemon, Guava, Bergamot Pear and Mango to name a few.

These products can be purchased here and here, I recommend checking out the product range and trying some for yourself. Maybe you have already tried some Korres products, leave me a comment below and let me know what you've tried and your opinions, I'd love to hear from you.

 Please check back soon for my next Korres products review!

Cookie x

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