Friday, 22 July 2016


I'll be the first to admit I don't wash my hair everyday so when I got the opportunity to try Batiste products I was pretty excited. 

I've always known of Batiste for their dry shampoo range, however I have discovered that they also sell hair sprays, texturising sprays and plumping powder.

First things first, I think the packaging is so gorgeous, I particularly like the colours and patterns on the Moroccan themed dry shampoo.

I was lucky enough to be sent a style spray and a dry shampoo to try.

I used a dry shampoo about 10 years ago and didn't rate it at the time, it made my hair white and full of a greasy residue. 

My hair is long and I don't wash it every day, I wash it 3 times a week max as I don't have the time and it dries out if I wash it too much. 

The first thing I tried was the dry shampoo, I'll be completely honest here. The first time I tried this I did end up it grey hair and yes that did put me off a little. I built up the courage to try this again a couple of weeks after. My hair as at a point then that if I the spray didn't work it would need a wash anyway and I was in a position to do that there and then. I thought back to my previous experience and thought i'd take a different approach to using this product so I held the bottle at arms length, tipped my head over and really focused on the roots and a little on the lengths of my hair, and the results? Much better! I had a much better experience this time and managed to retain my natural brunette locks, whilst also managing to make my hair feel a little cleaner. I managed to leave the house that day without washing my hair, this product isn't something I am going to use on a daily basis, however as a mid week pep or even when my hair looks a little worse for ware and I just don't have the time. 

I think this product will last me a long time meaning that it's fairly good value for money, I also do really love the scent, however there are so many other to choose from I feel I do need to pick another one up to try, especially tropical with coconut or cherry!

This spray has a very similar consistency to the dry shampoo. 

My hair doesn't really lack in volume too much, however sometimes a little lift at the roots is a good thing. I was excited to use this product and yes it does work, its got a fairly dry texture meaning that the hair goes a little stiffer and therefore creating volume. 

For me, I had similar results using the dry shampoo in the same way, so I think I only really need the one bottle of product as for me it does it all. 

This smells really pleasant, however again the scent of the dry shampoo was really lovely also, so for me the unique selling point of this (volume) isn't really there because I achieve that with the dry shampoo. That's not to say I didn't like this product, it's just that they are very similar so I feel I only need one or the other. 

Have you tried these products? Please share your thoughts below! I would really love recommendations on what scent to pick up next.

Cookie x

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  1. I really like their dry shampoos but I've never tried any of their other products. Maybe I should!