Thursday, 11 June 2015

Sublime Bronze - Review

Further to my last post here are a couple of the products that I proposed to review.
I have tried these and as such I can share my experiences and opinions with you.

Overall rating: 7/10 (I am open to seeing what else is out there)
1. L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Spray Tan Mist - Medium- £15.49
I have used this product for several years and I always keep a bottle in the cupboard for special occasions - I am not permanently fake tanned as I just don't have the time. This is the only tanning product that I have had success with, others have been streaky, patchy and caused skin reactions. I always get a nice even colour with this product which can last up to 5 days before it starts to fade.
The colour is medium, and I would normally choose fair skin, but to be honest there isn't a lot of difference and I would say that this is fine for those with quite fair skin.
A great feature with this is that you simply spray it on, I can even get my other half to spray it on for me.
I would say the product is fairly good value, I normally get about 3-6 tans out of this (I tend to just do certain areas, for instance if I'm wearing dark tights then I don't bother with my legs.)
The only downsides to this is that it does smell like fake tan, although it smells better than others I have tried. The other negative is that after a couple of days, and when the product starts to fade I get quite itchy in some areas of my skin, I don't think it's a coincidence as this happens every time. Its only mild and does subside fairly quickly, but I would say for the products results and bearing in mind that I don't use it too regularly a small amount of itching is worth it! 
If I can give any advice on this product it would be 1. to ensure you have exfoliated well prior to application and again when it's fading 2. to spray in a ventilated area, and put an old towel or matt down 3. Be careful to spray away from any precious items such as light coloured furniture 4.Go easy on your feet, I definitely wouldn't do them first as they will have already been subject to all the excess spray that's missed your body!

Cookie x

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